Family Ramsauer -

love to be your host!

Ramsauer creates ideas - that is the motto of the master in his art workshop in the center of town.

With fire, strength and attention to detail, works of art are forged there, which can also be found in the apartments and are brought to the center by Judith with selected tastes. She pairs her husband's works of art with wonderful colors and shapes and gives the rooms life.

Step into a wonderful family composition with attention to detail.


With her practiced eye, the extraordinary Judy takes care of the interior design concept.



Energetic visionary and creator of the building "The View".



Piano virtuoso who welcomes our guests with enthusiasm and charm. 






Charismatic economist and property developer with a penchant for architecture was a major pillar in the construction of The View.





With her remarkable collages, the artist creates an very special atmosphere in the apartments.






Communicative doctor who keeps an eye on the health of our guests.